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hiGh aS A kiTe


just stopped to check you out.

Tourists visiting from Switzerland -eYe have seen quite a few of them in the city- In this case I like the kind-of-similar-look they have. It’s amazing how you see this phenomenon around SF.

Left guy:

Sneakers – Asics available at zappos

Fleece zip hoody -available at american apparel

Aviator sunglasses -available at Bloomingdales

Right guy:

Converse – available at their website

Adidas zip track top with pockets – available at their website

@ Market St ———————————————————————————–

eYe note: if you happen to LOVE sneakers you MUST check out Sneaker Freaker’s site

eYe sEe siGns nOw all tHe Time




Fillmore Street has a friendly neighborhood feel, while filled with unique and delightful stores, restaurants and coffee. Walking down the street my attention was captivated by a song –from Bloc Party-, turned my head and there it was a super cool store -The Brooklyn Circus SF-. Went inside and must confess that the store setup is amazing. The vintage inspired setting provides a unique intimate shopping environment very inviting, not only to do some shopping but also to have fun.

The clothing is really catchy, casual with pop art elements and limited –who doesn’t like limited edition pieces?-.  They carry selective specialty brands (example: Nudie Jeans, 10 Deep, Imported Nike, Creative Recreation, Rich Yung, Maharishi, and Free Gold Watch) and on their own The Brooklyn Circus label and BKc private Collection. The lifestyle brand offers a wide variety of clothing, accessories, traveling bags for his and hers.

While doing some research about the brand I found that their first store was opened 3 years ago in Brooklyn/New York. The Brooklyn Circus and BKc brands are now offered in specialty shops in San Francisco, LA, Chicago and Japan and available globally through their online shop (www.thebkcircus.com/shop)

It’s a PLUS that they have a blog. They promote and inspire the shoppers by conveying and expressing their journey as young entrepreneurs that are pursuing their passion.

The Brooklyn Circus SF is located @ 1521 Fillmore Street, San Francisco CA

fRont & bAck



and this is the SF feeling…

tHrift it uP



100% Vintage

Coat: Cashmere and silk blend. Great details .

Shoes: a classic!

(aLmoSt) gOne wiTh thE wiNd


Gush! Yesterday was chilly in the city. I can’t believe he was standing, smoking his cigarette like if it was 75 degrees. Anyways overall look 10/10. It’s a shame that you could not see it in the picture, but the stitching of the buttons of his shirt is RED. Dunno but like when shirts are not tucked in….

Blazer -Barneys COOP

Shoes Buttero -available at Barneys

gREen tHe nEw bLaCk


Who doesn’t remember Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell wearing her keds? Keds were part of the 80’s and early 90’s. Now things have changed; they are SO back.

Keds, with the help of Loomstate, produced their first eco-friendly shoe. Loomstate is a clothing company which produces high quality, durable organic clothing. Starting this month five different prints of the Keds classic Champion silhouette will be sold exclusively at selected Barneys stores (and will cost $75). Keds by Loomstate is made of 100% certified organic uppers and linings, nickel free eyelets and 100% recycled insole boards. For the special edition sneakers Keds will take recycled shoeboxes and re-purpose them as the shoeboxes for the collection.

It’s also cool to know that Barneys New York, Loomstate and Keds are all members of 1% For the Planet. The Organic Exchange, whose mission is to deliver sustained environmental, economic and social benefits through expansion of organic agriculture, will be the beneficiary from each pair of organic sneakers sold.

Definitely, green is the new black!

sUgar shOes



Jamie is an editor for OnSugar

She looked serious with style. Nothing is cuter than a textured skirt -with pockets- and a V-neck sweater! Please don’t forget to take a closer look  the shoes.

Where do you usually shop?

“I worked lived and worked in New York for a while, so I have some connections”

Who is the designer of your shoes?

Alessandro Dell’Acqua -available at shopstyle

@ Geary St

aNd tHe AcaDemy aWard goEs to…


California Academy of Sciences**

For those of you not familiarized with the -awesome- museum, here it goes:

The Academy is now the world’s greenest museum. From the basement to the roof of the Academy’s, the choices behind each element of construction reflect a commitment to energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint, and preserving the natural world.

One of the things that I loved the most is that 68% of insulation comes from recycled blue jeans. The walls of the museum are filled with denim scrap; the material helps to save energy and is a safe and sustainable alternative to fiberglass insulation.

We usually have jeans in our closets that we have not worn in years, and we will never wear them again. If you want to get rid of them your options are to donate them to the classic Salvation Army stores, sell them to the thrifty stores OR DONATE THEM FOR INSULATION.

This is my favorite option, aside from being a fantastic way for you to recycle your old jeans, you can take pride in knowing that the insulation created was from your old denim pant. Insulation also keeps buildings warm. Cotton insulation is increasing in popularity as an environmentally preferable option for insulation. Recycled denim insulation holds more heat and absorbs sound better than spun fiberglass insulation.

Where to donate them?

Cotton from blue to green -just AMAZING!-

SoundAway Corporation

Bonden Logic

*-*-Make the change!

**The museum in the inside is pretty cool too: aquarium, planetarium, rainforest, Island of evolution, African hall and a swamp. After one blink the experience you’ll transform into a kid.



Enjoying the beautiful weather -when you live in Seattle that’s a BIG thing-

Travelling and having the opportunity to wear you favorite items is always a pleasure.

@ Union Sq

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