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it’s raining again

Her style: Faux fur 3/4 trench coat + liquid leggings + wellington boots + oversized shades. The fact that she wore the liquid leggings in such a casual way was great. Her key item -the one that I liked the most- was the trench, the oversized faux collar was to-die-for. Usually you could find items like that in vintage stores and they are timeless.

His style: I liked the messy look of his skinny jeans with the motorcycle boots (you gotta look closer but the boots tied up at different heights). His scarf and big sports coat balance the slim fit of the jeans. Last but not least his bike is super cool!

For cool rubber boots pls check shopstyle

piazza di santa croce



Could you find anything more inspiring than someone sketching on the park with live music? Not only I was in Florence, enjoying the beautiful city, food, wine and culture but also I had to see this beautiful girl sketching in a bench next to a guy playing the guitar and singing in Italian… simply breathtaking. I tried to take a peak at what she was doing, without any success, but I was able to take some pictures from far away without interrupting her.

Part of the fun of what I do is to imagine how is life of the people I photograph. I am assuming she is going to Art school (the giant moleskine was screaming fashion knowledge). Something with the length of her hair, the bangs and the way she was sketching captured everyone’s eye. Then I went to the other side of the street to take more pictures when I saw her bohemian-bright-colorful- messenger bag and colorful bracelets… it was then when I raised my case, she was going to Art school.

Why her outfit worked? Skinny jeans, bomber jackets and flats are basically holding hands, but the pop colors of the messenger bag and the bracelets makes her special. Long time ago a friend asked to another one if she was depressed, she replied why and the other said: because you are not wearing any accessories! I agree with that statement, accessories are almost everything in an outfit. Ives Saint Laurent once said: Dressing is a way of life.

rOLL it uP



Because you need to show your purple Keds!

aLways tRue


In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

rOck tHis tOwn



Rock it inside out.

Maybe it’s a personal thing, but I happen to like a lot her style. The vest is the deal breaker.

@ Castro

SF viBe

IMG_4330 1

@ Market St

aNd tHe AcaDemy aWard goEs to…


California Academy of Sciences**

For those of you not familiarized with the -awesome- museum, here it goes:

The Academy is now the world’s greenest museum. From the basement to the roof of the Academy’s, the choices behind each element of construction reflect a commitment to energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint, and preserving the natural world.

One of the things that I loved the most is that 68% of insulation comes from recycled blue jeans. The walls of the museum are filled with denim scrap; the material helps to save energy and is a safe and sustainable alternative to fiberglass insulation.

We usually have jeans in our closets that we have not worn in years, and we will never wear them again. If you want to get rid of them your options are to donate them to the classic Salvation Army stores, sell them to the thrifty stores OR DONATE THEM FOR INSULATION.

This is my favorite option, aside from being a fantastic way for you to recycle your old jeans, you can take pride in knowing that the insulation created was from your old denim pant. Insulation also keeps buildings warm. Cotton insulation is increasing in popularity as an environmentally preferable option for insulation. Recycled denim insulation holds more heat and absorbs sound better than spun fiberglass insulation.

Where to donate them?

Cotton from blue to green -just AMAZING!-

SoundAway Corporation

Bonden Logic

*-*-Make the change!

**The museum in the inside is pretty cool too: aquarium, planetarium, rainforest, Island of evolution, African hall and a swamp. After one blink the experience you’ll transform into a kid.



Two words: red cuffs.

This jacket is just beautiful. Please carefully analyze it: red lining cuffs, suede elbow patches, pockets the lapel. I would not change a detail. What about the sequins necklace? Definitely would make part of her outfit, if you would like one, you got to go to Hong Kong to buy it… I know… damn it!

@ Market St -around 3:30pm

bEat it



She is visiting from NY. She is chic with twist.

White distressed skinny jeans are one of my favorite things for this summer (available at Saks)

Her shirt got it all.

Her pink nails (available at Essie)

Louis Vuitton metallic car shoes -beautiful-

@ Market St

wHo iS it?


Don’t know, but keep it pink!

Loved that she buckled the sandal over the jean.

@ Valencia St

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"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" Coco Chanel

Street wear is free art. Beware because I shall keep an eYe on you...

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